Welcome to ChikuTaku: The Game!

This is a short rhythm game based on the first single by Watson Amelia of hololive English -Myth-. Enjoy the journey of hololive's No.1 detective as she traverses through various time periods of the past and future in a fun musical adventure! 

Check out the full music video along with gameplay footage here:

How to play 

Press the "Run game" button to start the game, it's that simple! The objective is to complete rhythm challenges that appear one after another. Check out the short tutorial in the sidebar (or view it in-game).

Keep in mind...

  • On PC, you can use any key on the keyboard or any mouse button. (keys like esc or the right mouse button might have side effects though so be careful, we recommend just using the spacebar or left mouse button)
  • On tablets and phones, just tap on the screen.
  • If you are on a metered connection, we recommend switching to Wi-Fi as the game is roughly 50 MB and mobile data charges may apply .
  • We don't ask for payment nor your personal data, we just ask for you to have fun. (no purchases can be made within the game)
  • As of right now Safari may have trouble running the game. We recommend using a chromium based browser. 

Stay tuned for more updates!

Meet the team

Song Credits

© 2016 COVER Corp.  

Published 15 days ago
Release date 15 days ago
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(232 total ratings)
AuthorsWatson Amelia - hololive EN, CenTdemeern1
Made withp5.js, Aseprite, Blender
Tagsamelia-watson, Cute, hololive, Music, myth, Pixel Art, Retro, Singleplayer, Time Travel, vtuber
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen
AccessibilityInteractive tutorial, One button
LinksYouTube, Twitter


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I loved this game, conlugrations the devs

NGL, Ame has the potential to be A-chan's EN apprentice with such creativity

Best Game and Amazing Art Work 

Amazing!!! Great visuals, soundtrack and gameplay!!


охуеная игруля 10/10

amazing!  very cute .

Cute and simple. I like how this plays like a Rhythm Heaven remix level, shifting between different "mini-games" with a simple control scheme. The game was synced for me as well. No input/audio delay.

I initially tried this on Firefox and was met with terrible hiccups (no pun intended) making it impossible to play properly. I thankfully tried Chrome and it worked just fine. I do hope this get ironed out for other browsers at some point. If not, I won't mind opening Chrome again for this :V


Truly AMEzing! Hoping that it gets updated with more contents! Really looking forward to it! Thank you guys for all the hardwork!

like for that pun

Bro this is awesome! 

You guys did an excellent job!
The only thing i noticed was it is hard to time the clicks, i havent heard ame's song that much so i don't know where the beats are

Such a pretty art and cute song! Thanks guys!

Great Game! 



This is such a cute game! The run and fly part is a bit off but it's so fun and it looks amazing!!

WOW!! Game looks just amazing!! I love it very much, great job and puppies and anime girls!! Unfortunately, it is not always clear when to press the buttons in the "Run and Fly" and "Tail and ball" sections, in my opinion, the rhythm is not very clear. But I think the game is more about a beautiful picture than rythm, and it is very short, so experiance was very positive ^_^ Lovely game

I love it!  I love you!  I love everything!  This was awesome, thanks for making it!


It's pretty nice, great work! :D


Seems to have issues in Gecko as well as Webkit


where this game madr from

Its created from Amelia Watson,a great investigator and (Comediant)IDOL , she is part of a company called hololive, you can search her if you want also, every memeber sing beatiful :D

Deleted 5 days ago

Pretty good, hope there will be downloadable sometime.

Like some I guess already had commented. The run and fly sequence really needs some tweaking. It's hard to tell when to time it, especially on the second fly section. I managed to perfect it, by just some random luck

Overall pretty good game!


It is pretty good and has a lot of potential here

A few problems I've noticed are in the Run and Fly obstacle need a better visual queue, and audio on missed notes sometimes overlap each other and creates distorted sound effect.


Holy crap this is so good, i can't  believe it's made in p5.js! Is everything rendered realtime or are the 3D bits prerendered?


Seems like everything is prerendered, which I think just adds to the retro game feel, kinda like one of those old CD games for the 2D consoles.

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Intresting, why Cover cant get to download this game?)

They think we not know, code write by Indian programmist with infinity goto and comments like

goto *number of code line* // want to see Ame stream

(1 edit)

I'm using Opera GX and the game stuck at the loading screen for some reason. It run normally before

edit: it worked now

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Friends Forever? She said we could be friends forever.

I cried. My tears are not from my happiness. My heart is broken.

Because I don't want to be her friend, I want to be her 🐶

But she already has a dog, Bubba. She doesn't need another pet like me cause I'm not even a dog, I'm nothing.

I wiped my tears, watching her through the screen. Happiness is on her face, with Bubba lying beside her.


Cool. Waku Waku!


Ame Gaming Reaction Poggiesss, headpat bonk moment,
ngl it's kinda hard for me to headpat her again for the second time, is it just me or it just spagetti code lol, either way I see pixel game i game. Ame/10 

I love the game so far! Really simple, yet so challenging and fun :)

I got 7 misses on my first try, then 5 on my second, but I'm slowly getting better! Can't wait to see more from the g(ame)


10/10 game i love it

i love ame

A very simple but also fun game! I like it

(1 edit) (+4)

It’s been so long since I played such a fun game.

Tip: Drag the mouse back and forth over the head.


wow something in another leve

you did great, very smooth 

lovely game great jop



lo ameeee

The art, and music are just so nice. I loved this game. <3



The art is so good...


cant't play it because, it's to loud

Let's goooo

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